This was actually the second novel I started to write, but due to the political landscape playing out in way that could be comparable to the premise of the book, I figured that this would be more fun and topical to finish now.

I started writing this in 2014 starting life a novella, scoping out how a young family with a six-month-old baby would be able to survive in the face of societal collapse. As I wrote, I desired to give more light and space to the then side characters Mina and Tariq and I quickly realised that I should aim for a full length novel to capture everything I wanted from the story.

At the time I started writing, Britain was preparing itself for an election that was polarising the country. On the louder side, we had extremely right wing views making racism acceptable on the streets. Many of those voices suggesting that we shouldn't allow refugees (many created by western bombs) into our country based on the small impact they would have on our economy. I wanted to challenge this belief with this book. I feel its right to ask: What if it was you? What if it happened to us? Could it be in retribution for the damage our country has caused across the globe? Would or could we hold our decision makers accountable?

These are merely underlying questions that I hope this book raises with the reader. I hope more than this, that you are entertained and perhaps moved by it in some way.

Please let me know what you think once you've had a read.

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Zeke is just six months old, born into a country that exports death around the globe. In amongst the protests and riots that are hitting the streets more frequently, he finds that the opportunities before him are to be drastically reduced. All he has to rely on are a family determined to do anything in their power to guarantee his future.

Tariq, a student journalist in the capital, discovers a devastating attack is imminent on home soil only to be refused a publication that could save countless lives. Deflated, alone and with little time, the only person he can attempt to save is himself.

Mina's inner demons keep her out of the unravelling political landscape and its outcomes. Not knowing the status of her distant daughter, she seeks solace in offering her care to those worse off than herself.

All want to regard humanity thriving in the wreckage of their land, but in the lawlessness of war, it's a difficult find.‚Äč